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This website is intended to present endless amounts of information on the history of the BFFL.  Bootleggers Fantasy Football League was formed in 1998 by Andrew Ruck.  It was originally an 8 team league, and was expanded to 10 in 1999, and to 12 in 2009, where it has been ever since. Seven Owners have played every year in the history of the BFFL.  Other owners have come and gone, but we're hoping we have finally stabilized the franchises.

There have been few minor scoring changes over the years.  In 1998, Receiving TD's were worth only 3 points.  It was changed to 6 points the following year.  Sacks, interceptions, fumbles, and safeties were added to Defense scoring in 2000.  All other scoring has been the same throughout.

The first 2 years of the league were ran without the assistance of a website.  Commissioner Ruck used spreadsheets to calculate scores and sent them out by email each week.  In 2000, BFFL teamed with Rotonews to produce the first league website, which was mostly wanted for it's live scoring features.  After Rotonews folded up, BFFL looked to to crunch the numbers in 2001.  More website troubles hit when Sportsline decided to charge $120 for services.  That resulted in the commissioner taking care of it all and forming a website for the league in 2002. In 2009, due to the benefits of up to date injury news and free agent information, and ESPN's launching of a free commissioner service, BFFL looked to ESPN for 2009 and beyond.

We take pride in having no costs for commissioner fees, website fees, or transaction fees.  The entry fee has always been $40 for every team with no other costs.  The BFFL has never had a playoff format, as we do not like to put the entire season into 1 or 2 weeks.  Instead, we have a 15 game schedule, with Non-playoff bowl games in week 16 and a pro bowl in week 17.  A 17 game schedule was used the first 2 years of the league.

Under Final Standings, you can review past years standings.  The rules section provides a thorough explanation of how the league is run.  Historic stats has an abundant amount of information regarding the league's history.  Much of it is centered around tabulating stats throughout the years.  It also displays records and awards of the league.  While the Historic Stats section deals with Team statistics, the Players section shows the history of individual players in the BFFL.  Finally, you can view various Franchise History information and stats under BFFL Franchises.

BFFL is a league of parity, fairness, and above all, fun.  It has taken the great game of football and the great day of Sunday, and made it even greater.  It has given an economic benefit for sitting on the couch all weekend.  From the commissioner's endless stats that mean nothing, to bickering on the message board, Bootleggers is expected to stick around for years to come.

Year Standings Champion Points Champion
1998 Mad Cows (Andrew Ruck) Mad Cows (Andrew Ruck)
1999 Mutated Sea Bass (Andrew Ruck) Tennessee Touchdowns (Justin Powell)
2000 Anything Can Happen (Diane Ruck) Anything Can Happen (Diane Ruck)
2001 Deformed Pumpkins (Andrew Ruck) Snickers (Diane Ruck)
2002 Green Akers (Chris Nida) Green Akers (Chris Nida)
2003 Rock Out (Kevin Ruck)
Some of This (Kerry Hosenfeld)
Sharpies (Andrew Ruck)
Rock Out (Kevin Ruck)
2004 Kicked in the Grundle (Kevin Ruck) Who are These Guys (Kerry Hosenfeld)
2005 Boner Jams 03 (Brent Saneholtz)
Iron City (Eliot Hosenfeld)
Boner Jams 03 (Brent Saneholtz)
2006 Powell Time (Justin Powell) Powell Time (Justin Powell)
2007 Iron Shitty (Eliot Hosenfeld) Clever Team Name (Kevin Ruck)
2008 Two Minutes in Heaven (Justin Powell) Two Minutes in Heaven (Justin Powell)
2009 Vagtastic Voyage (Kerry Hosenfeld)
Underpants Gnomes (Kevin Ruck)
Powells Salty Twat (John Oppermann)

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